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Growing concern for the environment, tougher restrictions, higher taxes, tighter budgets: the heavy goods transport sector is in need of new solutions. E-Force One AG is here to help, with an innovative, heavy-duty e-mobility portfolio and intelligent, all-embracing solutions for emission-free road haulage. Our tried and tested e-mobility range will transport you to a more cost-effective, sustainable future.

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    As a pioneer in the field of e-trucks, EFORCE sets the benchmark when it comes to emission-free, carbon-neutral heavy goods transport. We have been developing and producing all-electric heavy-duty 18 to 44-tonne commercial vehicles since 2012. From the perfect drive concept to driver training programmes, our customers benefit from our unrivalled experience in providing e-mobility solutions for heavy goods transport and the in-depth knowledge of qualified battery technology and power electronics experts.

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    EFORCE develops economical, all-embracing solutions that cover every aspect of electrically powered haulage vehicles: from modular and scalable batteries and intelligent battery management systems (BMS) to powerful drive concepts. We tailor these components precisely to each vehicle’s concrete performance profile and area of operation. Alongside our in-house development work, we also help external companies to develop their e-mobility projects. With the same goal: first-class Swiss engineering.

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    EFORCE vehicles produce some impressive performance figures when it comes to acceleration, range and cost-effectiveness.  When combining bodies and components, we take into account a range of factors, including set routes, gradients and driving/rest times. We then calculate the required battery size, making ideal use of the gross vehicle weight to ensure top performance. As a result, our unladen trucks accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h as quickly as a mid-range Tesla Model S. To ensure that the vehicles always deliver their full output and range, the entire fleet is monitored remotely.

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    E-Force One AG vehicles make up the biggest e-truck fleet on the road in the regional and urban delivery and general cargo sector. For commercial and municipal operations, for a range of industries. The adaptable vehicles can be equipped with the appropriate body for transporting foodstuffs or for distribution in the retail sector, fitted with a cement mixer or crane, or configured with special bodies for the waste and recycling industries. In day-to-day operation, their contribution towards lowering emissions and noise is particularly welcome in built-up areas.

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    The comprehensive range of services offered by EFORCE smooths the way for your company’s transition to e-mobility from the outset. We start by offering a choice of financing models, continue by supporting different charging options and, last but not least, regularly update the vehicles to the latest performance standard. To provide these services, we work with reliable, experienced partners such as Alpiq E-Mobility. 

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