For normal charging

For normal

With integrated on-board charging technology, the batteries are fully charged within 5-6 hours and the vehicle is ready to go again. This entry-level variant is cost-effective and easy to install. 22 kW

For fast charging

For fast

With the fast charging station from ABB, installed by Alpiq E-Mobility, you can be certain that your vehicles are always ready for use, even when operating in shifts. With a DC output of 350 kW, the batteries (350 kWh) can be recharged within one hour. For companies with several e-trucks, the one-off investment pays for itself several times over.

For the whole of Switzerland

For the
whole of Switzerland

We will be happy to keep you informed of developments in the network of public charging stations, particularly locations with charging options for e-trucks. The government is currently looking to equip all parking spaces on the national road network with charging stations. We are actively involved in this project, along with our technology partner Alpiq.


We offer a range of different financing models for your future EFORCE trucks, from pay-per-use and leasing to hire purchase. These are offered in partnership with noted financial specialists. Get in touch for a quote.


For a one-off operation, an extended test drive or to bridge a capacity bottleneck, you also can hire an e-truck from us. Get in touch for a quote.


Running and maintaining e-trucks requires a basic level of understanding and technical knowledge. For drivers and service centres, in day-to-day operation and in specific situations. That’s why we offer our customers training for their employees and provide comprehensive information about specific safety measures. Every year, E-Force One AG provides an e-truck for the ‘Road Rescue - Truck’ course in Balsthal by the national fire service.


We have been pooling the knowledge and experience of specialists from a diverse range of fields since 2012 in order to develop innovative e-mobility solutions. We also make this Swiss engineering available to external companies. For tailor-made technologies and individual applications. For trucks, buses and trains. Renowned internationally operating companies such as Stadler Rail are already using our expertise and experience for their own projects. Have you got a project you’d like to talk to us about?

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