The new EF18 is an evolution of the first generation of electrically powered trucks from E-Force One AG. With a range of up to 350 km per battery charge and an output of up to 550 kW, it sets the benchmark in the urban and regional delivery and general cargo sector. Household names such as Feldschlösschen, Coop, Pistor and Lidl already rely on the strength of the first-generation E18 on a day-to-day basis. According to the statistics, the 18 models of the E18 currently in operation cover up to 6,000 km per month, resulting in an overall kilometre reading of 1.5 million and rising. Enhancing cost-effectiveness and benefiting the environment.


Range possible
depending on driving profile

Facts and


Hybrid synchronous motor


max. 440 kW | max. 550 kW


4050 Nm

Rotational speed

max. RPM 2500


85 km/h (electronically limited)

Battery-to-wheel efficiency



Urban: 80–120 kWh/100 km (26–44t)
Highway: 130–180 kWh/100 km (26–44t)


possible range of more than 450 km, depending on driving profile


NMC-C, 800 V

Battery sizes

from 170 - 340 kWh

modular according to customer requirements

ECE R100 certified

AC normal charging

up to 8 h @ 44 kW

DC fast charging CCS

<1 h @ 350 kW


18 tonnes
(perm. GVW up to 44 tonnes)


18 tonnes
(perm. GVW up to 44 tonnes)


26 tonnes
(perm. GVW up to 44 tonnes)

How you

  • Unbeatable eco-efficiency

    At best, a conventional diesel drive system has a tank-to-wheel energy efficiency of 43%. This means that over 57% of the primary energy cannot be used as drive energy. In contrast, the new EF18 has a battery-to-wheel efficiency of 91%. This is partly due to the fact that brake energy is directly recuperated, which is a major benefit particularly in stop-and-go traffic. The EF18 therefore needs just 1/3 of the energy of a diesel vehicle. As an emission-free vehicle, the EF18 does not emit any harmful substances such as particulates or CO2.

    Carbon footprint
    The EF18 contributes to a significant reduction
    in harmful emissions.

    EF18 Vorteile Eco efficiency

  • High cost-effectiveness

    Low consumption, low maintenance costs, lower duty and tax: the EF18 clearly has the edge over conventional diesel vehicles in urban situations. With diesel vehicles, frequent stopping, starting and load changes lead to major brake wear, resulting in higher maintenance and service costs. Here, the EF18’s sophisticated technology puts it ahead of the game. Because emission-free vehicles are exempt from various duties and taxes, the EF18 is able to save you further costs: 100% of the performance-related heavy vehicle fee (HVF) in Switzerland, for example.

    Profitable investment
    An EF18 clocking up anything above 50,000 km per year is more economical than a diesel truck.
    Covering this kind of distance, the additional cost of an EFORCE can be offset within four years thanks to exemption from the HVF and various taxes.

    EF18 Vorteile Profitability

  • All-round practicality

    The EF18’s above average range, adaptability, high load capacity and optimal weight utilisation make it ideal for day-to-day operations. The chassis is suitable for all popular body variations. The modular battery system allows a range of 100-350 km. The weight of the EF18 chassis depends on the battery pack selected and lies between 8 and 9 tonnes – leaving 10 to 11 for the body and payload. With its low noise emissions, the EF18 is perfect for urban operations, including sensitive early-morning or late-night deliveries, for example.

    Noise emissions
    Its quiet electric drive
    makes the EF18 ideal for urban use.

    EF18 Vorteile Practicability

  • Impressive output

    The EF18’s highly efficient, robust electric motor and latest-generation modular lithium-ion batteries result in outstanding performance. In addition to an unrivalled range of up to 350 km, what is most noticeable about the EF18 is its acceleration. The electric drive system’s high torque is available from the word go. This means that, in urban stop-and-go traffic, the EF18 is able to out-accelerate comparable diesel vehicles. And with a top speed of 85 km/h, it also has no problems keeping pace on highways and motorways.

    Thanks to high torque, the EF18’s acceleration figures are significantly
    better than those of conventional diesel trucks.

    EF18 Vorteile Performance

  • Reliable energy

    At the heart of the EFORCE trucks are the specially developed, modular lithium-ion batteries. It is possible to have these cooldes with a liquid medium and connected to the air conditioning system of the vehicle. Depending on their size, the batteries allow a range of more than 500 km and can be fully charged overnight (20-100%, charging via AC). Fast charging using DC (in accordance with the CCS standard) reduces this charging time. With fast company charging stations and a network of public CCS stations, your vehicles will be ready to set off again in next to no time.

    Charging time
    Thanks to ABB fast charging technology (up to 350 kW DC)
    the EF18 is available again after just one hour.

    EF18 Vorteile Energy

Components &

The EF18 is equipped with cutting-edge alternative drive technology: from the drivetrain, with its motors, transmission and motor controls, to the batteries, with their chargers and on-board converters, not forgetting the power distributor. We combine these components to optimum effect, creating compelling, economical, high-performance e-mobility solutions for heavy goods transport. Modular design and redundancy in the drive system ensure high safety and reliability. The drive components, adopted from the world of shipping, have been thoroughly tried and tested.

EF18 Komponenten Technik